RTC will keep you informed and up to date on the latest news, events and traffic information during this improvement project.

Transportation projects which are designed to benefit the public often need to acquire private property in order to be developed – which sometimes results in the displacement of individuals from their homes or businesses. To ensure property owners and tenants are treated fairly, equitably and receive relocation assistance, the “Uniform Act” was enacted by Congress in 1970.

The RTC performs acquisitions and relocation functions and provides full implementation in accordance with the Uniform Act in the relocation, advisory assistance, and reimbursement of displaced persons and businesses. 

If you legally occupy any type of residential premises as either owner or tenant or if you legally occupy a business, farm or nonprofit organization property as either owner or tenant, and these premises are required for the construction of a transportation project, you are eligible for relocation assistance advisory services.

If you have questions concerning the project and right-of-way activities, please contact RTC Right-of-Way at 775.332.2144.

Notification will take place through the following process:

  • Impacted parcel owners receive letters following the right-of-way setting anticipated in early 2023.
  • Property owners are contacted by an appraiser.
  • Appraisal property inspection takes place; the property owner is invited to attend.
  • Agents are assigned to work with individual owners and occupants for acquisition and relocation.
  • Owner receives written offer and copy of the appraisals.
  • Process from initial notification letter to purchase by the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) will take approximately 4-6 months.

Through an assigned right-of-way agent, RTC will ask the property owner for a list of tenants, and we will provide advisory services by informing the tenants of the relocation benefits and assistance for which each may be eligible.

Independent license appraisers using approved appraisal methods will establish fair market values as defined by Nevada state law. Property owners will be invited to accompany the appraiser during the inspection of the property. The appraisal report will be reviewed by an independent licensed appraiser. Based on the recommendation supported by the information in the Appraisal Report and Review Appraisal Report, the Department will set Just Compensation for the acquisition of the property being acquired.

If the property owner does not agree with the appraised value, they may reject the offer, in writing, and provide a supported counter-offer. If the property owner wishes, they may contract with an appraiser to value his/her property. Such reports will add support to the owner’s counter offer.

It normally takes approximately four weeks to process a payment, after a claim is submitted for reimbursement. However, should a financial hardship exist, it may be possible to expedite the payment.

You may file a letter of appeal setting forth the reasons for your dissatisfaction, as well as what you believe to be the correct determination relative to your eligibility of relocation payments. This may be done either in letter form, or you may use a printed form which you may obtain from the right-of-way agent who is assisting you, or from the nearest right-of-way office.

The date for moving is determined by RTC’s need for the property, however, at least 90 days will be allowed for you to vacate the property. Also, no person shall be displaced from his dwelling until at least one comparable dwelling has been made available.

The RTC Executive Director and RTC Board will review your appeal, and you will be informed in writing of the decision.

No. RTC is required to provide relocation advisory notices to all tenants and property owners.

In that case, RTC may provide what is called a lease-to-hold vacant agreement. RTC can pay the rent through the negotiation process.